Fredrb's Blog


I’m a Software Engineer and Computer Science Graduate excited to explore and develop new technologies. I thrive on tackling complex problems and working on them with my peers. Believer on the practice of writing better code rather than more code and occasional contributor to Open Source.

For the last 6 years I have worked in SAP building Web and Mobile Applications as a Full Stack developer. During this time I have mostly worked with Java, JavaScript/TypeScript and some occasional Python. In my free time I have been working with Go and Rust, as well as building Emulators for old consoles.

Programming Languages I’m comfortable with: Java, Python, Go, Rust, Bash and JavaScript/TypeScript

Programming Languages I don’t use often: Ruby, C#, C++, Elixir, Scheme (Racket) and Clojure


Notable Projects - SAP (2014 - 2020)